The Firm

BALBIN & PASCUAL Abogados is a law firm with a long-standing tradition in Argentina. Under different names, our firm has been operating since 1965, by offering wide-ranging legal counseling to our clients, with a creative and innovative approach.

We have vast experience in Corporate Law. Being exclusively dedicated to this specialized area, we can offer an excellent professional service, by prioritizing tailor-made assistance to our clients, and quick responsiveness

Ever since our law firm was founded, our aim has been to gain a competitive edge, structuring our services around the following pillars:

A Tailor-Made Service: A tailored and direct assistance to our clients enables us to have an improved insight into their needs, better quality and time-effective responsiveness to their demands.

Professional Expertise and Training: Our staff members are professionals with the highest academic credentials, granted by national and foreign universities, each of them have extensive experience in their areas of expertise. We promote the ongoing training of our associates and staff members as this is the mainstay of their professional surpassing standards.

Work Teams: We have created work teams that help us meet our clients’ needs timely and adequately.

Our firm is based in the City of Buenos Aires. We also have our own representatives in the major provinces of our country.