Balbín, Sebastián – Ley General de Sociedades anotada y concordada, Cathedra Jurídica, Buenos Aires, 2016

General Corporate Act ordered, reviewed and commented.

Balbín, Sebastián – Manual de Derecho Societario, 2ª edición, Abeledo-Perrot, Buenos Aires, 2016

Corporate Law manual addressed to lawyers and to graduate and undergraduate advanced students.

Balbín, Sebastián – Tratado de Derecho Comercial y Empresario, Abeledo-Perrot, Buenos Aires, 2013

Treaty of Business Law and Business.

Balbín, Sebastián – Apuntes de derecho societario, IJ Editores, Buenos Aires, 2012.

A sketch for the study of corporate law, oriented to undergraduate students.

Balbín, Sebastián – Curso de derecho de las sociedades comerciales, Ad-Hoc, Buenos Aires 2010.

A course on corporate law for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

Balbín, Sebastián y Mingo Jozami, AlfonsoRégimen de Responsabilidad de Administradores de clubes de fútbol, Ad-Hoc, Buenos Aires, 2009.

An analysis of the scope of liability of directors of sports clubs and particularly those football clubs members of A.F.A. (Argentine Football Association).

Balbín, Sebastián – Quiebra y responsabilidad de administradores y terceros, Ad-Hoc, Buenos Aires, 2008.

An analysis of the scope of liability of directors and third parties and legal actions derived from insolvency.

Balbín, Sebastián – Tratado Teórico Práctico de Derecho Comercial, volúmenes V-A, V-B y V-C.

Abeledo-Perrot, Buenos Aires, 2008 -e imprenta-. This book provides full coverage of the law of business organizations, from its original development up to the present.

Balbín, Sebastián – Acción social de responsabilidad contra el directorio, Ad-Hoc, Buenos Aires, 2005.

An analysis of the scope of liability of directors and applicable legal rules, and the derived legal actions.

Balbín, Sebastián – Revista Argentina de Derecho Societario.

Recent news about the corporate world, with opinion of legal experts and commented judicial decisions.

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